Lenovo A536 Mic Problem Solution Microphone Not Working Jumpers Ways .If you are facing a microphone problem on Lenovo A536. This publication is very useful. It will help you solve the problem of microphone in Lenovo A536.

Lenovo A536 Mic Problem Solution Microphone Not Working  Jumpers Ways

Lenovo A536 Mic Problem Solution Microphone Not Working Jumpers Ways

In this problem, our voice can not reach the destination.We are not able to record any sound as well. Some time of low quality of voice or noise in the voice is also possible.

This problem can be caused by damage caused by water. Due to oxidation or parts of the burn. To solve this we have to check the smart phone of Lenovo A536. Carefully check all the microphone in the case.

After the disassembly of Lenovo A536.Check all the components given in the diagram above. The solution of the microphone problem in Lenovo A536. Make them clean if you find any rust or carbon. Warm slightly with warm air to dry.

You can apply these bridges to solve the Lenovo A536 microphone solution. In some cases, this will also help in how to change the Nokia microphone 1200 mic replacement.

The above diagram has different color lines These lines describe the ways of the Lenovo A536 microphone bridge so check these Lenovo A536 microphone ways with the meter and if any circuit is not running apply Lenovo A536 mic jumpers for the microphone solution Lenovo A536.

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Lenovo A536 Mic Problem Jumper Solution Ways Microphone Not Working

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